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Below are some commonly asked questions on the forum along with the answers or links to existing forum threads on that subject:

How long do the dyes last?
The time the dyes last depends on your hair and the brand used, more info here How Long Can Semi-Perm Dyes Last

How much dye is in the bottles/tubs?
This depends on the brand and a comparison along with price per 100ml can be seen here Hair Dye Comparison

Will the dyes work on unbleached or dark hair?
Some colours may work on darker hair colours although these are not likely to be as vibrant as when used on light coloured or bleached hair. More info on which dyes 'may' work can be seen here: Using on Unbleached Hair and photos showing dye results on unbleached hair can be seen here Unbleached Hair Dye Photos

How does the colour wheel work?
Colour Wheels show which colours may compliment each other and also which ones can neutralise red tones/yellow tones etc The Colour Wheel

What colours do the dyes fade to?
Knowing the colour a dye can fade to or it's base colour can be very helpful , the following thread lists many colours along with the shades they commonly fade down to The Colours That Dyes Fade To

Hair Dye Allergies /PPD
Although anyone can have a reaction to any product at anytime, it is mainly permanent or ‘box’ dyes that contain PPD (para-phenylenediamine) that can cause the rare but sometimes severe reactions.  To be on the safe side you should always try a skin/sensitivity test before using any hair dye, even if you have used it many times before. The following threads/links explain more:
Reliable PPD Information
L’Oreal and PPD’s – note this relates to all permanent box dyes and not just l’oreal.
Why Hair Dye Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze At
Allergy UK Website - PPD

General Bleaching Advice & Info:
The following thread contains info on Colour B4, Bleaching, Damaged Hair, Bleach Baths etc Bleaching Advice & Info

How to go from black or dark hair to blonde:
Do's and dont's for lightening hair Going From Dark or Black Hair to light

How to achieve natural colours again:
For returning to your roots. Tip's for going back to your natural colour

How to get your hair white:
Tutorial on how to get hair white along with photos and recommended productsWhite Hair Tutorial

Will a Toner lighten my hair or make it white?
A common misconception is that a toner will dye/bleach your hair white.  The following guide gives information on toners and what they do How Toner’s Work

I've damaged my hair what do I do?
This link gives info on how to avoid damaging your hair further and how to minimise the damage So You've Over-Bleached Your Hair

What is Colour B4 & How Does It Work?
A very helpful post by Mathurine answering some of the most often asked questions about Colour B4 Colour B4 Information

Scott Cornwell Decolour remover
Alot of memebers are having great success using this on veggie dyes
Decolour remover

How can I make my dye last longer?
The amount of time the dyes last will vary on your hair type, base colour, brand used etc but the following link gives some hints/tips on how to prolong these colours Helping Dyes Last Longer Another really useful thread

Which shampoo/conditioner should I use?
There are many threads on the forum about shampoos & conditioners and this one is very helpful;
What Shampoo Can I Use?

How to Fade semi-permanent hair dyes:
Guide on how to fade hair colour without bleaching How To Fade Hair Colour

How to remove dye using a bleach bath:
Very popular guide with photos showing step by step how to do a bleach bath on your hair Bleach Bath Tutorial with Photos

Our tutorial section answers many commonly asked questions and has videos and step by step tutorials on bleaching, bleach baths, dyeing hair, sectioning hair and more Hair Dye Tutorials

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