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Beeunique, Hair Dye Gallery & Hair Dye Forum, like many other websites, use files called cookies to help customise your online experience. This cookie control page gives more information on the cookies we use and how you can control or block them. Continuing to use Beeunique, the Hair Dye Gallery and/or the Hair Dye Forum will result in cookies being placed in your browser cache.

What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored by your internet browser (i.e. IE, Chrome, Firefox) on your computer or mobile device. These small files are used to store things such as user preferences.

Site Performance Cookies:
These type of cookies will remember your personal preferences so you don't have to reset them each time you visit the website.

Analytic Cookies:
These type of cookies will tell us if you have visited the website before, how to keep track of how many individual users we have etc. Unless you have logged into an account on Beeunique/Hair Dye Forum these cookies cannot be used to identify individuals and are used for statistical purposes only. If you are logged into an account on Beeunique/Hair Dye Forum then these cookies will identify the details you have previously provided such as your name and email address etc.

Geotargetting Cookies:
These type of cookies are used by software to identify which country you are in from the information supplied by your internet browser. Again this cookie is completely anonymous and is only used to help target content to the relevant country location.

Registration Cookies:
Once you have created an account on Beeunique or the Hair Dye Forum we generate cookies that signal whether you are signed into your account or not. Our server uses these cookies to work out which account you are signed in with and if you are allowed to access particular services. It also allows us to link any comments, preferences with your username.

How Do I Turn Off Cookies?
It is usually possible to stop your web browser from accepting cookies, or to block specific websites from leaving cookies. Most modern website browsers will allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings would usually be found in the options or preferences menu of your browser.

Other Useful Links:
Data Protection Act 1998

Please note some parts of this website will not function or show properly if cookies are blocked for example we cannot tell if you are signed in without using cookies, so you would not be able to post topics or reply to posts.

Topic starter Posted : August 24, 2022 12:36 am