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[Sticky] Forum Rules

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Please make sure you read and accept the following rules before posting on this forum .


  1. Common Courtesy
    Please refrain from being rude to other visitors to the forum - everyone is entitled to their own opinion and these may differ between users but please consider others feelings and try to keep all posts polite and on track.  If you feel a post is bullying, nasty or offensive or if an argument has started on a thread please do not join in as this just encourages some people to continue, instead please report any relevant threads or posts to a Moderator or the Forum Owner.
  2. Grammar/Language
    Please refrain from posting entirely in ‘text-speak’ as it can make posts very difficult to read and may result in the post being removed.  Please try to keep all posts clear to read with correct spelling and punctuation to make it easier for everyone to understand. Rude, offensive, obscene or swear words are not allowed on this forum.  Posting entirely in CAPITALS or boldis considered shouting and/or can be hard to read, please only use these to emphasis specific words where required and not for the whole post.
  3. New Threads/Posts
    Please try to keep on track with the opening post of a thread and if you have a totally different question or comment please create a new thread for this if one does not already exist.  On the flip side please check the forum first before creating a new thread as there may already be an active thread on the same subject.  This helps to make the forum easier to navigate and helps people find information quicker.
  4. Post’Bumping’/Repeating Posts
    The bumping of posts is not allowed – this is when someone replies to their own message to keep that topic at the top of the forum.  If nobody has replied to your last post please modify this post instead of double/triple posting. Each unread post has "new" written next to it so we can see at a glance which posts we have not yet read.  The same applies to repeating posts – once you have created a new thread/topic there is no need to ask the same things again in another new post as this will most likely result in one or all repeat posts being removed.
  5. Meaningless Posts/Post Count
    Please do not try to increase your post count by adding one word replies or by adding posts which have no actual contribution or relevance to that thread/topic. Repeated meaningless/non-relevant posts could result in your account being suspended or closed. 
  6. Links
    You may add a link to your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter in the Say Hello/Add Me section of the forum but please refrain from posting links to personal blogs, websites etc purely for advertising purposes (see Self Advertising Section below). Links to websites in response to questions in threads are fine but those added with no relevance to the forum or the thread/post will be considered as spam and removed with repeat offenders being banned from the forum. Links to websites selling similar items to Beeunique are not allowed on this forum and will be removed.  You need to have 10 valid posts before you can post links on this forum.
  7. Images & Files
    Please refrain from posting images or links to images, files or pages which might be deemed inappropriate. This forum may be viewed by minors and is a family friendly forum. Images which have copyright logos to other similar websites/forums are not allowed on this forum and will be removed. The Hair Dye Forum may add a copyright logo to images upload to the website, however this does not mean these images are the property of Beeunique and ownership still remains with the photo copyright holder.  Photos can be removed upon request once proof of ownership has been provided.
  8. Personal Information / General Safety
    This is an open forum viewable by visitors and guests so please do not post addresses, financial information, email addresses etc on the forum.  Please also think twice before posting anything of a more personal nature and use the Private Message (PM) function instead for sensitive conversations.
  9. Post Deleted
    If your post has been deleted you should receive a Private Message (PM) informing you why the post or thread was removed, if you have not received a message please contact us and we can look into this for you.
  10. Account Blocked
    Users who ignore warnings and/or repeatedly break these rules may have their account permanently blocked.  Spamming on the forum or harassing other users may also result in an account being blocked.  We would normally warn someone before they would be blocked from the forum, however for particularly offensive comments or behaviour a user may be banned straight away
  11. Self Promotion / Advertising
    Self promotion is allowed where it is appropriate and relevant to the post, however if your post appears to be a direct advertisement or viewed as spam it will be removed. If you are a new member please take the time to add some posts and introduce yourself before jumping straight in with a link or advert, otherwise this could be considered as spam and be removed. People who are deemed to be on the forum mainly for self-promotion may have their posts removed and the account closed/blocked. 


Forums are a great place to relax, find out information and chat to like-minded people, however please remember that extreme views or beliefs may offend others and whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion please consider how a post may sound to others before submitting it to the forum.  Offensive behaviour of any type including bullying, racial or slanderous language will not be tolerated.  Should you see any posts which you believe break our forum rules please contact us via pm and we will investigate further.

Members who do not abide by the above rules may have their accounts suspended, blocked or deleted.

Topic starter Posted : August 24, 2022 12:26 am