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How to use the Hair Dye Forum

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You'll notice that our forum has a few boards--and a few sub-boards.  We'd really appreciate it if you posted topics in the appropriate board, so here's some guidelines that may help you decide which board is best for your question.

Hair Dye Help & Inspriation...

Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes
Have you got a specific question about a specific semi-perm?  What to know how Directions Flamingo fades versus Cupcake Pink, how Alpine Green might look mixed with Lagoon Blue or how to achieve a specific colour?  Post a topic in Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes.

Bleaching & Lightening Hair
Curious about Colour B4?  Want to know how to do a bleach bath, or how to fix a bad bleach job?  Or have you pushed your hair over its limit and need advice on what to do?  Bleaching & Lightening Hair is where you should ask.

General Hair Chat & Questions
If it's about a permanent dye, what a certain product will do, when to use or not use heat, how to style your hair or pretty much anything to do with hair that doesn't fall into the two above categories, please put it in General Hair Chat & Questions.

Hair Tutorials, FAQ and Videos
Have you got a tutorial on how to obtain a specific colour or style?  Please post it in here.  NOTE:  If you would like to see a tutorial made, or have a question on how to achieve a specific style, please post it in General Hair Chat & Questions.

Company and Product Reviews
Post any hair-related company and product reviews in here. Good or bad, it helps others to know.

Inspiring Hair Colours & Styles
This is a forum where you can post what colours and styles inspire you!  Please make sure that if you decide to post any pictures of yourself on here, you put them in the "I Like How My Hair Turned Out Today" thread.  And please don't post old pictures of yourself in this thread--if you would like to show off older hairstyles that you've had and loved, please put them in the timeline section of the Photos: Show Off Your Hair forum instead, as this is where they belong.

Photos: Show Off Your Hair (and sub-forums)
This section is for photos of your hair only.  Please post in the appropriate colour section.  If you have a question about a specific colour, please post in Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes or General Hair Chat & Questions.

General Chat  & Everything Else...

General Chat
This forum is for a general hodge-podge of topics and having a good old natter.  Please keep it PG-13, as we do have some younger members!

FAQ & How To Use The Forum
Frequently asked hair dye questions, help on navigating the forum, how to amend posts etc

Add Your Photo to the Hair Dye Gallery
Information on how to add your photo to the Beeunique Gallery - upload via form, link or pm

Links and Banners
This is where our Beeunique banners are as well as our link exchange.  If you would like to add your shop's banner or be added to the link exchange, please PM one of the Moderators or the Admin (listed above).

Technical/Contact Us
Having a problem with the website?  Please let us know in here so we can fix it for you!

Topic starter Posted : May 25, 2019 6:23 pm