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There's loads of things you can do on the forum but if you're not familiar with all the links and buttons to push it can be quite daunting. So here's a quick "how to" on the forum.

If you need advice on something and you think it may have been mentioned before then do a search on the top, right hand side of the page. Keep your search terms short such as "bleach bath" and this will bring up all posts relevant to bleach bathing. Just look down the list to see if what you need is in the posts the search has found for you.

If you post a new topic without searching and there's a thread already asking the same question your post will be merged in with the other one so it all gets answered in one place and no ne has to search all over the forum for the same information.

New topics
If your question hasn't been answered and you need to start a new thread then find an area of the forum that's relevant to your question. So for instance for bleach bathing you'd go to the bleaching section of the forum. Under the Logout button at the top of the threads is a series of red links. Click the "New Topic" one and it will open a new thread for you. Use an eye catching title but refrain from making it too obscure so other people can find it if they want to either ask the same question or answer your post. Something like "Need help with Bleach Bath" would be fine. Also make sure you don't use all capital letters in the title, it looks like you're shouting and as no one else does it it looks like your post is more important than everyone else's. Everyone is treated the same here so follow everyone else's good example.

Edit your post
So you wrote your thread post and now you see you made a spelling mistake or you found out some info that you'd like to add to the first post. We try to discourage double posting here, it takes up extra space that's not necessary so wherever possible amend your first post, as long as there's not been a reply already. At the top of the box that your post is in there's a blue link saying "Modify". Click that and it takes you back into your post and you can change any spelling mistakes or add any extra information. Click the "save" button below your post and your post will be changed.

Reply to the thread
All the time you're logged in there will be a quick reply box at the bottom of the thread for you to use. Just type away in there. If you want to preview your post first then click preview. Otherwise just click post when you're done and your reply will be entered immediately.

Spell checker
It's pretty self explanatory. As you write your post you'll see three buttons below your post. The last one is Spell Check. Click that and any words that aren't recognised will pop up and you can change or ignore the suggested change as it goes through everything you've written.

You might see some posts have a box within the post that look like this:

Member A said this

This is a quote box. To get one you can do one of two things.

1) You can go to the post you want to quote and click the "Quote" link in blue at the top of their post. This adds their words and also their name to your post. Click under or on top of this to add your own wording such as "I agree with this" or "I prefer a different thing" and so on. Don't just set a quote up on it's own as a way to agree. All you're doing is repeating information that's already there. Always make sure you add your own wording as well so we can see what you think.

2) If they made a long post and you want to agree with just a few words then highlight the sentence you want, copy and paste it to the reply box. Click at the start of the sentence and add this tag:

(but without the space after the word quote). At the end of the sentence add another tag:

again without the space. Under or over this you can then write your own message relating to the quoted text.

Advanced buttons
When you preview your post before adding it to the thread a whole heap of buttons come up over your original text. These can help you add links, change your font style and also your font colour. By all means play with them and see what they do, I haven't actually messed with them all yet, but make sure that your posts are still readable and not too cluttered. The smileys also help you to add some emotion to your posts as well. Personally I like this one:  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But I rarely get the chance to use it.  ๐Ÿ˜€

Add Pictures
In the advanced buttons you'll see a series of buttons above the smileys. The first button is Youtube. Then there's a round, red, white and blue button then a button with a picture in it. If you click that the "IMG" tags will appear with the cursor flashing between them. If you have a photobucket or imageshack account or something similar then copy the url ( http://****) of the picture you want and paste it in the middle of the tag brackets like this: img]URL[/img

Also you can use the code on photobucket which already has the [img] tags so you don't need to click the buttons on advanced at all if you have the tags already.

If you're adding a picture from another website then right click the image that you want, scroll down to "copy image url" and click the image button on advanced to get the [img] tags up and then  right click between the tags and click paste. The image will then be put up in your post.

Please note that if the image you add contains logo's or wording about a rival hair dye seller to Beeunique the image will be taken down as we have no desire to advertise the competition. Thank you for your understanding on this point.

Say Thanks
I love this button. On the left hand side where the users avatar pictures are is a "thank this user" link. If someone has given you some good advice and you want to say thank you then click that link. As time goes on and you become more active in the forum you'll get your own thanks back too.

Adjusting personal info
At the top of the forum is a black bar with Home, Help, Beeunique and so on written on it. Click the Profile button to go to your personal information. From the menu on the left of that page is a list of things that you can change. Look through to see what you need.

If anyone needs more help with the buttons and links on the forum please don't hesitate to ask. If I've missed anything off here I'll modify this first post so the information is easily found. Just let me know what you need to ask and I'll help if I can.

Posted : September 9, 2011 11:20 am