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Who Are Beeunique & The Hair Dye Forum Team?

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I'm Nickki and I run several hair dye related websites. We sell hair dyes and accessories through Beeunique and have a huge Alternative Hair Dye Gallery with over 5000 photos as well as this hair dye forum. We were often being asked why we did not have a forum so finally got around to creating one and it's turned out to be more popular and helpful than we had hoped for :D.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the New here? Introduce yourself post and also add links to your myspace/twitter if you wish.

You can add us on the following:
and Facebook

You can also view our Beeunique Blog

Topic starter Posted : November 25, 2009 12:19 am
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Who's Who?

There are several team members who make up the helping hands of the forum. You can contact us for all sorts of problems, should you encounter any. So who are we and who do you contact?

Owner (Da Boss)
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Nickki - Contact Nickki any time you find a glitch in the forum. She's a very busy lady who spends her time taking and distributing the orders for hair dye from the Beeunique website and she'll try to get back to you as soon as she can but she may be very busy so please be patient. If you need to report a website problem you may want to check here before sending her some post:

Beeunique Employees
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Cari & Lee - both are new to forums so be gentle with them, but these are the people to go to if you need to know how to order on Beeunique, delivery info etc.  Basically anything about the main Beeunique website.

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Janineb - If someone's causing a problem online with spamming or being rude or breaking any of the forum rules contact one of these guys. We'll address the issue straight away but we're also very busy running around the forum trying to be generally helpful with hair dye enquiries. So we may just sort out the issue and we might not have time to get back to you. If we don't get back to you and the problem still hasn't been sorted then try another moderator in case the first one you tried wasn't available to help you out.

Dye-Namite Posters
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Intempestivity, KittyLost, Lauralei13, Glitterpix, Meeshybop, CupcakeDeVil, PippaChainsaw, Marthakins, TabithaBlue, Wicked Pixie and Mindi Kellaway - If these guys offer you some hair advice you know you can trust it! Dye-Namite Posters are hand picked by Nickki and the moderators as being extra helpful people. Their advice around the forum is exceptional and the red star in their profile details is a show of our apreciation for all their wonderful advice.

Topic starter Posted : June 23, 2011 1:48 pm