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Author Topic: "Recommended development time" for Directions 30 vol.  (Read 7343 times)  Share 

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I'm probably being really dumb here, but I was just about to bleach my hair this morning when I realised I can't find how long to do it for anywhere.

Its Directions 30 vol bleach, and I've tried reading everything in there, but despite a mention "do not exceed the recommended development time under any circumstances", I can't find the times anywhere. I'm most likely missing something obvious, but I really have looked.

Also trying to search on here everywhere says see the product for timings, or omits it as common knowledge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (I'm looking for the maximum time possible if it makes any difference)

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Re: "Recommended development time" for Directions 30 vol.
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jul 12 / 10:11 AM »
We haven't got Directions Bleach Kit instructions on beeunique, but all of the other bleach kits BU sells have the same timings on it.

Your natural hair colour will determine the development time required. The timings below indicate the time required for natural hair to reach decolored/pale yellow stage.
Natural Hair Colour
Processing Time   

Med to Dark Blonde
20 - 50 minutes   

Light Brown
20 - 60 minutes   

Med Brown
20 - 80 minutes   

Dark Brown
20 - 90 minutes"

30 vol is still pretty strong, though, so I personally would check the amount of lift after 20 minutes (as that's listed as the minimum time regardless) and continue checking every 10 minutes after.  If you notice that it seems to have stopped lifting or has gone pale yellow, wash it off.



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Re: "Recommended development time" for Directions 30 vol.
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jul 12 / 10:14 AM »
Thanks so much, thats all I needed to know  :)

Now off to bleach my hair!


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