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Advice and help needed color woulnt stay!

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Hello everyone!

 I went to a salon to have my hair professionally cut and colored. I only have the ends dyed a red to a flaming pink. She used the Loreal Brights in Magenta red, and Ion flamingo pink. I asked her not to use bleach she insisted in order to get the fade right from a red to a flaming pink she would need to bleach the ends..She meant just the very tips of the hair but I watched her put bleach on the whole bottom then mix that loreal bright with 20 developer on top of it!! 

I got worried when I got home and put a henna pack on top to seal in the color and it sucked the color right out!!! I have never had henna do that in my life and YES I did strand test first..

So I panicked and took some of my manic panic that was a very similar color rock n roll red and slapped that on and luckily the hair took it.. Yeah for about a week. I have been suffering with ice cold showers and barley washing it at all.. 

Yesterday I tried to refresh the color with my loreal magenta and flaming pink on the bottom and the color didnt take.. It now looks like a nasty rusty red.. You guys think its safe to do a 15 minute color job with a 20 level developer?  I had no clue she was going to cut it so short. when I asked for shoulder length it ended up being chin length. If I had any idea it was going to be her birthday I would have walked out and said NO. SHe clearly was not in work mode. I didnt find this out til she was half way through the appointment. No  wonder her phone kept going off. 

So because I dont have a lot of hair to take the risk of damage I have to be a little careful here. I dont understand why the color isnt taking? 


Topic starter Posted : February 20, 2024 10:34 pm