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Author Topic: Fading purple back to blonde?  (Read 10706 times)  Share 

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Fading purple back to blonde?
« on: 13 Mar 14 / 05:05 PM »
A couple of months ago I bleached my hair blonde and a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to go purple so I used manic panic's purple haze but it never really came out right, it's always uneven no matter how much I comb through it after I put the dye in, my blonde hair before was fairly even but the dye wouldn't take evenly. On top of that it fades without me even washing it and when I do wash it even once it goes to this horrible peachy-pink color that I hate. I've tried redying but every time I get the same uneven result so I decided I want to go back to blonde, but I really don't want to bleach at all if I can help it. I've researched ways of fading semi hair colors but my question is, do you think I'll be able to get completely back to blonde just using dandruff shampoo, vitamin c tablets, etc. or will I have to use bleach? I diluted the dye so it's not too dark and as I previously mentioned even one wash (with regular shampoo) takes it to a peachy-pink color

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Re: Fading purple back to blonde?
« Reply #1 on: 13 Mar 14 / 06:41 PM »
It should fade completely, but there's always a risk of it staining.

Read through all these methods

Try a colour remover. If you're in the UK personally I would recommend Decolour Remover from Boots.

Bleach is an absolute last resort and then only in the form of a bleach bath if you can help it.

When you originally dyed your hair, did you make sure it was freshly washed with no conditioner? Preferably using a clarifying shampoo. Did you apply to wet, damp or dry hair? Many people say they get patchy results on wet hair. However, I get worse results on dry hair.

In  case you change your mind and want to stay coloured, here's a thread on keeping colour vibrant :)
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