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Stuck at red-getting to blonde, help?

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hello, I'm two months into removing two years worth of salon applied permanent black from my natural level 7(ish) hair. I'm doing it really slowly, spacing out processes at least two weeks apart, but I feel a bit stuck.

Have used so far:

-4 applications of ColourB4, with washes with clarifying shampoos (Head& Shoulders) in between (I wash hair about once every 5 days)
-2 applications Scott Cornwall DeColour Stripper (which lightened roots massively and gave me this ginger tone)
-1 bleach bath, as per tutorial on here, using Schwarzkopf BlondeMe 40%.

Since using the stripper and bb, I have followed each process with Bleach London's reincarnation mask mixed with a bit of Loreal Smartbond conditioner.

And..this is where I'm at. I don't have fantasies of being white blonde (my fringe is, which brings me joy!) but I would love to get the back of my hair to a blonde-ish colour at least. Even if it's yellow, I wouldn't care, and would happily grow it out.

Would love some advice on what to do next; considering trying a couple of rounds of Scott Cornwall Decolour Remover, rather than bb again.

I know it may be cuticle staining, so thought that would be the safest way to find that out?

Any help much appreciated.  *stars*

Topic starter Posted : March 3, 2021 1:29 pm
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Forgot to say, the bleach bath didn't really do a lot, hence why I don't know what to try next.

Topic starter Posted : March 3, 2021 1:35 pm
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I'm afraid you're probably stuck with it πŸ™ I wish I had better news for you, but after all that I think it might fade over time, but that you're probably just going to have to grow it out. You could definitely try Decolour remover as it's not damaging in the same way that bleach or the stripper is. It is a bit drying, but just have a good conditioner for afterwards.

Posted : March 3, 2021 11:30 pm
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Thank you, that’s ok, I appreciate you confirming my suspicions! Just gonna embrace redhead life until it grows out !

Topic starter Posted : March 4, 2021 8:34 am