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Bleach bath?

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So I bleached my hair last Sunday, it was a fairly even bleach job however upon washing there was a few missed patches so I went in with a spit bleaching a couple of days later. Find attached pictures for opinions but I’m thinking next weekend to do a bleach bath because there’s still a couple of ever so slightly yellow/orange areas but more yellow because I had put a toner on and that covered fairly well. My roots grow so quickly they’re already showing. I am thinking a bleach bath to take it up one level? As you can see it’s very light anyway and I am pleasantly surprised with the results I managed to achieve this with Supermarket box kits in 90 minutes (I’m very dark brown with a previous dark brown box dye) incubation with heat at first and towards the end because Sally has been closed it’s now open for order collection, mine is anyway. So am thinking a sachet of Blondor or equivalent to do a bath so it’s all over even. It’s quite short anyway I had to shave it because hairdressers are shut so I don’t want to overlap when it comes to roots but I don’t think I can avoid that? I originally bleached it to go grey but Blonde is growing on me so I think I am going to get a small collection of Semi and Demi P’s rather than do a permanent grey. I think it’s fairly even but I can see the uneven parts and there’s areas the toner grabbed onto more than others. My fingers pointing in the pics are the areas mentioned above and the back of my head, I have just taken these ones. Thanks so much guys for criticism suggestions tips and advice guys. First pic is post-toner last 2 are just now dried after washing.

Topic starter Posted : February 20, 2021 9:26 pm