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Blonde from Blue/Brown

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hi all,

just wanting some hair advice before i make any decisions.

my hair was midnight blue directions 2 years ago, i faded it and had it dyed in the salon to a semi permanent #3 brown. i've been using semi permanent box dyes ever since all brown and there is absolutely no blue left in my hair now that you can see. i am wanting to go blonde, if i put bleach or a colourb4 hair remover on my hair will the blue come back through or should this be gone now?


Topic starter Posted : March 15, 2021 10:49 am
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Unfortunately your photo isn't showing, so I can't judge if there's any blue left on the lengths. If it's longer than around 12 inches though, it's possible there's some left as hair grows on average 6 inches a year. If there's any left on hair that would have been blue is virtually impossible to say, only a strand test will tell you.

Don't start with bleach though! Make sure that's the last step after you've got rid of as much of the brown as you can.

Posted : March 15, 2021 9:00 pm