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Bleaching Red Out?

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Hi guys, hope I've found the right subject here!!

So just some quick hair history to make sure I can get any accurate responses...

- I had pastel lilacy hair using Directions Violet with conditioner for a long time, ended up wanting to achieve some kind of wearable blonde, removed as much colour as I could with 'natural remedies', did two bleach baths, and spot bleach bathed those dreaded minty tones that come often with direct dyes. It was pretty much a mess in the end and I just didn't want to put my hair through any more so I dyed it red using a box dye. I since cut my long hair up to my shoulders and have been giving it some good TLC, so we're in a good place.

So, last night I used JoBaz max colour remover, which had great results, it took most of the red I had in there out (see attached pic of where I'm currently at)

I want to eventually tone with Wella Colour Charm T28.

I'm wondering whether or not it would be possible to bleach out the remaining colour that you can see in the picture. Or is it worth going over it with another colour remover?

I will be doing a little strand test as some point when my hair is dirtier, but just thought I could try and get some opinions if anyone has any experience in trying to achieve something similar.

Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : March 17, 2021 12:46 pm