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Brand new hair!!

New Member Guest

So after deciding I didn't like my short hair, I went and had synthetic braids put into it yesterday.  They are super long & very heavy but I LOVE them!  Had to share.  (2nd pic shows the length.)

I went for black with neon pink through them.  The advantage of these is that I don't need to think about colour for a couple of months and can work out what I want to do for the autumn while giving my hair a break from colour abuse!

Posted : July 4, 2015 8:54 am
Noble Member Registered

They are looong! They look cool πŸ™‚

Posted : July 4, 2015 11:55 am
Noble Member Registered

wow they look wonderful!

Posted : July 4, 2015 2:59 pm
New Member Guest

Wow - looks great! That pink shade is really pretty! πŸ™‚

Posted : July 7, 2015 1:58 am
New Member Guest

Wow. They're incredible!

Posted : July 7, 2015 10:20 pm
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