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[Sticky] How Hair Colour Works

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I am a bit of a science nerd, and so I enjoy learning about chemical processes.  I have had a go at formulating some of my own bath and body care products, and used to have a small business where I sold the results.  It was successful for me, but due to the changes in my family structure, I had to give it up.  I haven't given up my curiosity for how stuff like this works, though.  πŸ˜›

If you're interested in knowing more about how hair colour works... this link gives a great overview that is more in-depth:
How Stuff Works: How Hair Colour Works

Here are a couple more links with similar info, but much more broad:
Hair Colour Chemistry
How Hair Colour Works - The Science of Hair Colour from Clairol
The Science of Colour Treated Hair (Pantene)

To understand WHAT we're manipulating, here's a link that explains what hair is made of:
Keratin: Hair Structure Explained

The above link shows you why it's important to care for hair after chemical processing, as the chain-like structure of the keratin is broken down and needs to be repaired.  Breakage is what happens if you break down too many links in the 'chain' of protein.

There is another link I'm thinking of but I can not for the life of me find... I'll update this post when I do.

Happy Reading!  πŸ˜€

Posted : June 23, 2013 2:49 pm
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Oh very interesting idea ! Go to read now πŸ˜€

Posted : June 23, 2013 2:53 pm
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Great reading, thank you!

Posted : June 23, 2013 4:58 pm
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