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What would best match this colour please?

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Hello, not sure if this was the best section to put this so please let me know if not. I am a bit rubbish matching colours so thought I would ask for help here. I am looking for a dye to match the darker/black part of this hair but I am not sure which to get. I thought maybe Adore off black or Adore jet black would look nice since I prefer warmer blacks. Would it work to mix a little brown in with the black or it the black gonna be too strong for it to make a difference? Or do it the other way and use Adore darkest brown with a little black mixed in to make it darker? It doesn't have to be Adore btw I just love their dyes haha. I previously tried directions Ebony and even though it was the newer version (red based) my hair practically went green so I am very wary of this happening again.

My hair is currently dyed with Adore burgundy envy which is what I will be sticking to for the second colour.

Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : February 11, 2022 3:50 pm