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Longer-Lasting Alternative to Manic Panic Infra Red

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I love MP Infra Red, it's my favourite dark red at the moment, but I wish it would last a little longer. Can anyone suggest another longer lasting dye I could use as an alternative?


I've been looking everywhere, but the only problem is that all the reds I've found don't seem to be as dark as Infra Red. The only other dark red I can find is MP Vampire Red (Amplified), but that comes out too pink toned for what I'm after. I'm worried adding more orange or something will just make it too light.


Should I just go for a slightly lighter but longer lasting red? If so do you have any suggestions? Or should I stick with MP Infra Red for a deeper orange toned red?


Also I could have sworn there used to be an Amplified version of Infra Red but I might be getting confused with Vampire Red.

Topic starter Posted : September 29, 2022 6:10 am
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You are not mistaken, Infra Red was previously available in Amplified format.  Manic Panic have temp removed several of their Amplified dyes in the UK & Europe whilst they make them compliant with EU regulations.  I have to eta of when this will happen but it has been over two years since they started changing the dye ingredients over so it may be quite a while yet until (or if) they get Infra Red back into the EU market.


Since Special Effects closed, Manic Panic does tend to be the longest lasting semi-perm hair dye - you may get lucky with a dye from another brand that just works well with your hair colour and condition, but its really a trial and error thing.  You can however extend the longevity of a hair dye by adding a little dye into your conditioner to have a 'top-up' each time you wash your hair, or by using specialised shampoos without sulphates etc.


The following section on our website gives some more hints and tips on Maintaining your hair dye - the relevant section is about half way down the page.


If you decide to try another brand you can see swatches of all our red shades together here - Red Semi Permanent Hair Dyes

Posted : September 30, 2022 8:23 pm
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@admin Sorry I didn't realise you had responded. Thank you very much for the reply. I really hope they make Infra Red again in the amplified formula, but I guess like you said it could be a while if they do it at all.

I generally alternate between cowashing and a sulfate free shampoo, try and wash my hair as little as possible and always use cold water when I do. I've definitely noticed this keeps the colour lasting for longer. I used to add dye to my shampoo / conditioner but I don't at the moment because I have orange at the ends of my hair which I don't want to go too red/dark. 


I guess I've got to keep testing different dyes until I find which one stays the best for me but I have a feeling it will be MP since I usually have good results with it. I thought about trying directions vermillion red but the swatches and hair dye gallery results look lighter than MP Infra red 

Topic starter Posted : November 6, 2022 7:26 pm