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Temporary Ursula (?) hair: Adore Royal Navy & Purple Rage

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So, I started with this: Directions Midnight Blue, (Old pinkbased) Plum and Cerise:

Not entirely what I planned (Bi-flag), but I was cool with it. Unfortunately: Faaaaaaaaade! Way too fast. Especially Cerise and Plum just didn't want to stick:

It was kind of Halloweenish, like dead seaweed angry zombie mermaid but yuk. I'm a bit sad as Directions used to be my to-go brand and I'm someone who gets attached. However: the amount of bleeding (blue ears, stains in my faux motor jacket...), the fast fading and everything else, I decided to switch.


Other Halloween idea: Wednesday Addams. πŸ˜€

But on real Wednesdays, we wear pink.  B-)

It's pretty dark but that's fine with me and the combo does give me an Disney's Ursula vibe. It will be okay, even when fading, till I finally able to go to the hairstylist. My hair is currently all over the place and I want my bangs back. For that reason I didn't want to bleach bath yet, and the more time between bleach baths, the better, right?

Both dyes are diluted and added on extremely uneven, fade hair so I'm pretty impressed by Adore! I first diluted it 1:1 but 3:1 (hairdye - conditioner ratio) worked out better. With a lighter and more even base, 1:1 would probably work just fine. The only potential downside is Adore being quite runny. As a Dutchie I'm happy to mix it with cheap conditioner and be able to use it that way, saves a few dimes. πŸ˜€

Royal Navy is perfect for the final plan, Purple Rage is too dark for the flag but more diluted it probably will be great. Adore is my new home brand, I absolutely love it!

Posted : October 19, 2017 5:34 pm
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About a week later, no touch up (and no cold water rinses because cold) and I'm so happy!

A few parts did turn more turquoise but that was to be expected. However the longevity is excellent, especially since I used it diluted. For me, blue is the most horrible colour to work with as any yellow will pop up eventually turning it green. However I'm really happy with the blue on top and as I chucked the hairdye on a extremely oneven base, I'm cool.

Yeah, I'm an adore fangirl for sure!  *1*

Posted : October 28, 2017 1:43 pm