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[Sticky] Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour Vibrant

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The average time semi-permanent hair dyes can last vary depending on the brand but the manufacturers say:

- Special Effects hair dyes can last approx 2-6 weeks depending on the shade
- Manic Panic hair dyes can last approx 2-6 weeks (Amplified claims to last 30% longer)
- Directions hair dyes can last upto 8 washes
- Stargazer hair dyes can last upto 15 washes
- Crazy Color hair dyes can last upto 15 washes
- Adore hair dyes can last upto 8-10 washes

However this is only a rough guide. Darker colours tend to last longer whereas lighter pastel shades will last only a couple of washes. There are also certain colours such as pink (sfx atomic pink in particular) which can really stain your hair and stick around whereas certain red/blue shades are harder to mantain.

Before you dye your hair you should do a clarifying wash, this is not necessary if applying to freshly bleached hair. You must NOT condition your hair but leave it to air dry for a little while, it is personal preference when choosing to dye hair whilst it is wet, dry or damp. Most people choose damp or dry. Cover your hair in your selected dye and wrap it up in clingfilm upon your head (if full head colour) or in seperate sections (if flashes of colour). Leave for as long as possible, minimum of an hour or try to sleep in it overnight. These dyes are conditioning so they won't damage your hair and the longer you leave it in the better chance of the colour staying around for longer.

The best place to prevent your hair from fading is when shampooing and conditioning your hair. You should avoid shampoos that contain many sulphates such as anti-dandruff shampoo or clarifying shampoo. Sulphates are what strips your hair of product, dirtiness and also colour. You can get lower or no sulphate shampoo which will help stop your colour from fading, if you go this route you should look to also avoid silicones in conditioners. The best products that our members can recommend for this can be seen here;

Alternatively you could stop using sulphates and silicones altogether and start a conditioning only washing regime, but before you start you will need to do a big clarifying wash on your hair to remove it of product. Conditioner only washing is great for hair that needs moisture. You gently massage your scalp with conditioner that doesn't contain silicones to clean your hair then condition it, leaving for several minutes and rinse thoroughly. Silicones coat your hair and mask damage, they are removed from your hair by shampooing with a sulphate shampoo each wash. For this reason, it is important to use a silicone free conditioner. When checking your conditioner bottle you should look to avoid ingredients that end in -cone, -conal or -xane. However if they have PEG in front of them, they are okay to use because they are water soluable and do not need sulphates to remove. It can take your hair a week or two to adjust to this new routine but it has multiple benefits for your hair.

If you want to find out more about conditioner only washing try here;
A list of conditioner only washing conditioners;

There are other ways to prevent your hair dye from fading quickly.
- Add a little of your dye into some white conditioner to use when you wash your hair, using once a week will help top up your colour without needing to redye so often.
- When washing your hair use cool water, warmer water opens your hair cuticle allowing colour to slide out.
- After washing your hair try a vinegar rinse, mix up a jug of cool water with some white apple cider vinegar and before you step out the shower pour all over your hair and leave your hair to dry or style as normal. Don't worry the smell will disappear once your hair is dry, it helps seal the hair cuticle and stops your hair colour from bleeding when wet and rubbing off.
- Direct sunlight and chlorine can strip your hair of colour so if heading to somewhere with warmer weather invest in a sunhat or swimcap. There are also some light spf conditioning hair sprays available, wetting your hair before getting into the pool will help it fair better.
- Try to stretch out washing your hair, definately avoid everyday washing. Try to wash your hair as little as possible, dry shampoo such as Batiste is a godsend for days where your hair is looking a little greasy but you don't quite need to wash it yet.

If you follow these tips and tricks you can get the best of your colour and keep your hair looking bright and vibrant for weeks on end, with only needing to redye when you do your roots!

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