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Adore Aquamarine,Emerald,etc.

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After a lot of Research I achieved the Blue/Teal I wanted πŸ™‚ (or, almost!)

I had previously orange with a pink base, bleached it, got very blonde roots with very light pink base on the rest of the hair.

I had AdoreΒ΄s aquamarine,emerald and clover at my Disposition

I was a bit afraid it would get more green than blue so I used mainly Aquamarine. I used 50/50 Aquamarine and Emerald on some bits of hair because I wanted there to be some different portions to give it some "movement" if you will. I ended up not using Clover at all. On the bit of hair right in front, I used a Blue Black but not from Adore, unfortunately I cant remember which brand (had never seen it before, found it at a cosmetic shop, decided to go for it in case Aquamarine was too bright)

what I was most afraid of was that it would turn out too bright/neon, but it didnt. Under the sun it Looks bright blue, but otherwise itΒ΄s much deeper, and you can see that I mixed some green into it.

My roots Overall look light green though, with only Aquamarine on them. I still dont really get the difference between emerald and aquamarine. But having the light pink base made it more blue than green I guess. I will mix more emerald into my conditioner to turn it a bit less blue, more teal. But Im very very happy and itΒ΄s the first time I try something in the blue/Greens Family πŸ™‚

Topic starter Posted : July 24, 2017 2:13 pm