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Author Topic: Removing/lightening henna with Jo Baz/Colour B4  (Read 17933 times)  Share 

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Removing/lightening henna with Jo Baz/Colour B4
« on: 09 Jan 13 / 12:41 PM »
Hi everyone!

Many people are warned that henna is extremely permanent and that they shouldn't use it too lightly. I do agree with that to a certain extent, as it is better to scare away the commitment-phobes of this world (like me) from such a permanent hair colour.

But if you've done henna, and you don't like it, or you're suffering from henna build-up after doing too many applications, all hope isn't lost! Colour B4 (or it's cheaper Savers equivalent, Jo Baz) can help you remove it, or at least some of it.

First, my henna history. I did two henna glosses in September, which gave me a coppery/strawberry blonde colour. I decided to take the plunge and do full strength henna, using a box of Pakistani henna from my local grocery store (just 1.50 a box!). I missed out some of my roots so did a second full strength henna.

By that time the colour had built up to quite a dark auburn. I am naturally blonde and got a bit stressed out about the upkeep as my roots show quickly with such a dark colour. So this past weekend I did a colour remover and am back to a copper colour.

Here is the method for removing henna with Colour B4/Jo Baz:

1. Get your mitts on some extra strength Colour B4 or Jo Baz.

2. Apply on dry hair which has no barrier, so preferrably hair has to be clarified and no conditioner/styling products. If your hair is very damaged, that might be a bit painful.

3. Cover your hair in it. Think about buying 2 boxes if your hair is long. Mine is just a little below chin length at the moment so a box was way enough.

4. Now comes the creative part: Gift-wrapping your head!

Colour removers work better with heat so what I do is I cling-film my hair first, then blast it with a blow-dryer to get it nice and hot. Then I cover it with a shower cap, then blast it again to get it hot, then put on a woolie hat, blast it, and finally put on a second woolie hat.
cling film+shower cap+woolie hat+woolie hat= happy warm head

5. Leave it on for 3 hours

I know that sounds extreme, but the last time I used Colour B4 to try and remove just a henna gloss and only left my Colour B4 (max strength) for an hour, it really didn't remove that much.

During those 3 hours make sure your head stays warm, blasting it with the hair dryer whenever you feel it get cold. Staying inside in the warmth obviously help.

6. The rinsing phase.

First rinse: 10-30 mn depending on how long your hair is. I know that sounds crazy but you really need to remove all you can. Play some music, do complicated equations in your head, keep yourself busy. A plastic chair can help if standing for a long time in your shower is an issue.
1st buffer: work that buffer stuff in well, rub it in real nice, it will help remove the colour. This is a necessary step, I've tried replacing the buffer they give you with clarifying shampoo once, thinking it might help, but it really didn't.
Second rinse: 5-10 mn
2d buffer: give it another good lather and you should see your hair looking much lighter already in the shower
Final rinse: a quick one should be enough at this stage, just make sure you get all that buffer out

Is this process damaging, you might ask?

Well, yes and no. It's nowhere near as damaging as a bleach bath, or even baking soda/washing up liquid. On my hair, which is virgin under the henna, I didn't find it to be that damaging, but it's also because I followed it up with this:

My secret weapon, after CB4/Jo Baz special deep treatment with lightening properties:

- enough conditioner to cover my head. I used Schwarzkopf coconut (found it from the poundstore, is silicone-free and has some protein in it)
- a generous tablespoon of honey
- another tablespoon of ground cardamom (cinnamon works too but it burns my scalp)

Honey and cardamom contain peroxide naturally which lightens the hair. The lightening is subtle and causes no damage from what I can tell. Honey is also a humectant which is important after all the moisture loss you suffer during this henna removal.

I leave this on for 30mn-1 hour and then rinse it off. It makes my hair happy and shiny and helps cover the stinky smell of that horrible colour remover stuff.

I hope this might help people. If people are interested, I could put some pictures of the colour result. I plan on doing another one this weekend to try and remove even more henna.


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Re: Removing/lightening henna with Jo Baz/Colour B4
« Reply #1 on: 14 Apr 13 / 05:27 PM »
Late reaction, but I would really love to see pictures (if you have made any after not receiving any replies here)


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