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Author Topic: Help with hairdresser dyes?  (Read 4615 times)  Share 

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Help with hairdresser dyes?
« on: 20 Sep 10 / 05:02 PM »
Hi :)

There is a hairdressing supplies shop near me and I would like to be able to buy the dyes but I always get so confused!  Are they easy to choose and use, or should I just stick to bleach/notrmal box dyes?

My main queries are:
What exactly do the numbers mean?
How do you make the dye (mix with peroxide?)
How do you know if the colour will work on your hair?

Thanks :)


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Re: Help with hairdresser dyes?
« Reply #1 on: 21 Sep 10 / 01:34 PM »
Hi Pierat!

I studied this a bit at college so should be able to help.  Its pretty easy you just have to buy all the stuff seperately.  It will be more expensive but will last you for 2 or 3 applications so in the long run its a lot cheaper and apparently its better for you hair than box dyes.  I might do it myself actually but I don't have a suppliers close by but I know you can buy online at Sallys so might do that.  Apparently Wella do a good range for bright colours called Kolston.  Anyway...

The numbers are your natural colour and tone, ie the first number is your natural colour:1-black, 2- black blue, 3-dark brown, 4-medium brown, 5- light brown, 6- dark blonde, 7- medium blonde,8- light blonde, 9- really light blonde,10- platinum

tones: 1- ash, 2- violet, 3- golden, 4- copper, 5- akazou, 6- red, 7- matte ash.

So I would want around a 7(or 6).4 (or 6).

The numbers vary with different brands but that is the rough chart.  You can look up the chart on Google its called the Internation Colour Chart (ICC) but they should have samples so you can see the colour at the suppliers.

Yep you will need to mix the colour with peroxide, obviously the higher percentage you get the higher the lift.

If you get a colour with roughly the same base colour as your natural colour then you should be fine.

All the instructions etc will be on the products but you may need to buy a measuring bowl as its all measured in mls.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Help with hairdresser dyes?
« Reply #2 on: 21 Sep 10 / 08:17 PM »
I vastly prefer good pro colors because you have much more control over the whole can choose the level of developer, mix colors, etc.

The levels (how dark the color is) are about the same from brand to brand, but the tone numbers can vary widely, and also the bases for the different tones (for example, some brands use a grey as a base for ash colors, while others use violet and violet-blue) and that will affect your end result.


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Re: Help with hairdresser dyes?
« Reply #3 on: 07 Oct 10 / 11:18 PM »
Cool thank you!

To get more specific now - a colour I really want to get I have seen in the chemist is 834, now firstly - if I buy an 834 in a pro brand will it be the same (or very similiar) colour, and secondly will this work on my natural dark brown hair?

I know that's quite a big change for a dye, but I thought it might be worth a try with a stronger peroxide??


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Re: Help with hairdresser dyes?
« Reply #4 on: 07 Oct 10 / 11:41 PM »
the numbers different makers use are pretty arbitrary...the only ones that are USUALLY the same are the level numbers, the first number.

The levels for hair color run from 1 to 12, 1 being deepest black and 10 palest natural blonde (11 and 12 are recent additions and are for the very lightest, whitest platinum and silver shades).

If you are a dark brown, you are probably somewhere in the 3-4 go from there to a level 8 is five steps of lightening, which is a lot for color alone, even with the strongest developer.
So the end result may be a bit darker than you anticipate, and redder or oranger in tone.


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Re: Help with hairdresser dyes?
« Reply #5 on: 08 Oct 10 / 09:16 PM »
Im training as a hairdresser... and those hairdyes seriously confuse me haha, so im sticking with directions for now!

I'll let you know once i learn about it! =D


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