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Author Topic: Dreadlock deep cleaning recipes (would probably work on normal hair too!)  (Read 2375 times)  Share 

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Mindi Kellaway

  • Guest
So having made the mistake of trying dread wax on my dreads (I know there's a whole is it/isn't it debate about whether or not wax is good for dreads in the dread community - I'm not going to take sides in this debate, I'm just going to say dread wax is not for me), I wanted to deep clean them to get rid of the waxy residue.  I found this awesome site with some super natural recipes for deep cleaning dreads, so thought I'd share it with everyone.

These recipes would also probably work for deep cleaning normal hair in a natural way, but obviously, I can't guarantee that as they've been developed for dreads.  I also particularly like the peppermint cooling spray recipe!

EDIT: sorry, forgot to mention in the orginal post, there's also some fab links for dreadlock accessories, and some great advice about how to care for dreadlocks.  Nixivix - I particularly thought of you when I saw this site, and thought you'd appreciate the link!


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Thanks Mindi :) definitely giving these a try at some point


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