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Author Topic: Reliable PPD Information!  (Read 7705 times)  Share 

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Reliable PPD Information!
« on: 23 Nov 11 / 01:50 PM »
I know there's always a risk of using dyes with PPD's (para-phenylenediamine) as it causes the most awful side effects in those who are sensitive to it but I wanted to knock this particular piece of information from the Daily Mail on the head before a nasty panic started. They said - and I quote directly from their website:

"It is feared the chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD) present in 99 per cent of all hair dyes may be linked to her condition."

They were referring to the lady who is now in a coma, suspected of losing consciousness after using a PPD hair dye.

Ninety-nine per cent of all hair dyes do NOT contain PPD's. Only the permanent ones! It's especially in the dark hair ranges of colour.

For the correct information on this problem please check this website:

I'm putting this up because I'm so annoyed that people might read that information and get it wrong. The products on Beeunique do not contain PPD's to my knowledge, they are vegetable based and semi permanent so they have no need for PPD's. But this kind of wrong information could lead to Nickki and others who sell veggie dyes losing their money! If people think that ALL dyes are harmful then they won't buy them, it's that simple.

For a long time I have suggested that people use semi permanent dyes, mostly because the permanent ones fade into a horrible matt, flat colour. Yes they look great at first but my daughter's beautiful shiny hair is now matt auburn because we used a permanent dye. It looks awful and I'm going to use a semi on it to give it some life back next week.

So now you have another reason to turn to semi's - no PPD's! They don't need them because semi's don't stick. PPD's are used to stick colour to your hair permanently and they are also responsible for that horrible matt look you get after a few weeks washing. So stay away from them.

Don't feel that using another brand other than L'Oreal will help, they all use PPD's in permanent dyes, even the store's own brand does it. "Stick with Semi's" and make that your motto.


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Re: Reliable PPD Information!
« Reply #1 on: 23 Nov 11 / 05:25 PM »
Thanks for posting this.  :)


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Re: Reliable PPD Information!
« Reply #2 on: 23 Nov 11 / 05:46 PM »
Just to share my experience......I have used permanent dyes every 4-6 weeks for over 10 years. Earlier this year I went black, which was fine until after my third attempt, I dyed my hair using the SAME dye as always and I had a horrible allergic reaction.  I was lucky that it was not as serious as the lady in paper thank goodness, but needed very strong creams and tablets from a doctor and took a couple of months to heal.  From what I have been told and from my own research, the darker the dye the more PPD's in the products, but they are ALWAYS present to some degree in permanent dyes. But once you become allergic, you will be FOR LIFE and the Symptoms get worse every time you are exposed to them.  The main point being that you can become allergic AT ANY TIME with no warning or reason.  If I had done a patch test every time, I could have saved myself a lot of pain and embarrassment.  

Thanks to this forum, I have learned a whole wealth of information on semi-permanent dyes and now love the freedom and confidence of using them. Sounds silly, but I feel healthier too!!  Thank you ladies for all your advice and inspiration  :-*

EDIT: Also apparently PPD's are BANNED in Germany, Sweden and France and are only allowed in limited used in Canada.  :o


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Re: Reliable PPD Information!
« Reply #3 on: 25 Nov 11 / 10:22 AM »
Also apparently PPD's are BANNED in Germany, Sweden and France and are only allowed in limited used in Canada.

Well I never knew that! Says something though doesn't it?

I'm sorry you had to go through your ordeal mootheblue, it must have been very scary and I'm glad you switched to semi's even if it was because of your allergy. Semi's are so much better, they don't fade to matt and their reds actually last longer because they're formulated differently. I never knew that until I asked my hairdresser about it a few years ago. I switched to semi reds (auburns) and never looked back!

I think because semi's do stay shiny it DOES make you feel healthier! After all what's a good sign of good health? Shiny hair right? Beeunique dyes are basically coloured conditioners so they do your hair good anyway. Stick with semi's it really is the best way to go.


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