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Liquid Peroxide Vol 40

Started by Brittayla93, 09 Jun 20 / 07:22 PM

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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine has bought liquid hydrogen peroxide vol 40, instead of the creme developer. I've read that the liquid will work if mixed with bleach powder but that it is more difficult to control. Is there anything that I can mix with the liquid peroxide to make it into a more creamier consistency? Also, I have a bottle of creme developer that had come with a box dye kit, can I mix this with the liquid peroxide?

Thanks in advance :D :D :D :D


40vol is incredibly strong, too strong for most people's hair and way too strong to use on the scalp, so I'd suggest taking/sending it back and getting 30vol at most. What do you want to use it for?

Don't mix the peroxide from another brand. Never, ever mix chemicals when you don't know exactly what's in it. It's likely nothing will happen, but it's possible something could and it could be extremely dangerous. It won't do much anyway.

There isn't really a way to thicken it up. You might be able to use conditioner... but honestly, the best thing you can do for safeties sake is replace it.

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