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Author Topic: Swimming and bleached hair  (Read 764 times)  Share 

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Swimming and bleached hair
« on: 17 Feb 20 / 11:44 AM »

I would like some advice please,  I have started swimming and swim about 3 times per week.  My hair is bleached due to having the very front section of my hair being white. (very self conscious about my white) and the only way to disguise it and not have to do it all the time is to bleach it to match.  Anyway the chlorine is frazzling my hair.  I have swim shampoo and conditioner and a leave in styling spray but it still seems frazzled. I try to only dry my hair and straighten it about once per week the rest I just leave to dry so no heat on it. Can you offer me advice on what I can do to help my hair please :-(

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Re: Swimming and bleached hair
« Reply #1 on: 18 Feb 20 / 01:04 AM »
When I was swimming a lot I'd leave quite a lot of conditioner in my hair. I'd put it in and leave it while I washed the rest of my body, then give it a really quite rinse so there was still a lot of conditioner left. Then I'd add a little more to the ends. It might not work for everyone. I have curly hair and it needs a lot of moisture.

You could also be starting to lack protein and it might be worth trying a protein treatment to see if it helps.

Good luck :)
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