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Author Topic: First time dying- was going for grey, got kind of there, but it got WAY bluer  (Read 1145 times)  Share 

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I have naturally very dark hair, almost black. Dyed it for the first time on Monday (at a salon) and one round of bleach got it surprisingly light! Like, almost Draco Malfoy blond. We went ahead and put in some toner to make it grey, as that was my end goal. The day of the dying it was pretty grey, but with some spots that were still kind of bleach yellow. The next day after a shower it became significantly more blue. Why? Was it not light enough, or too yellow, when we did toner? Any way to get it less blue?


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Grey does need to be fairly light blonde. The more yellow the harder itíll be. But, as itís quite a dark grey itís mostly ok, itís really just the fade thatíll be an issue, but if we solve the blue tone it should be ok.

So, thereís no such colour as grey. What I mean is, itís not a colour alone, they make grey dye by mixing other colours. The base colours being primary and secondary colours from the colour wheel. The problem with that is, some hair dye colours stick more than others. Whatever your dye is made from, one of them (my guess is red as thatís the one that usually washes away first) has washed away already and left more of the blue. So you now need to add back in a colour that neutralises that blue and brings it back to as close to grey as we can get.

Orange is the opposite colour on the colour wheel, so Iíd suggest that. Youíll need an orange hair dye very heavily diluted with conditioner. Shampoo your hair and use it afterwards. Start off very conservatively and if itís not enough, add a little more orange and try again. You can then use this each time you wash your hair if you need to.

Iíd also recommend changing your hair washing routine. These dyes need special treatment to get your moneys worth, especially if you pay to have it done in a salon. Use the tips in this thread, as many as you can manage to fit in,11009.0.html itíll seriously make a huge difference in how well your dye withstands.

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