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Author Topic: Red Hair Dilemma  (Read 935 times)  Share 

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Red Hair Dilemma
« on: 28 Oct 18 / 09:11 AM »
I have a hair delimma, Iíve been coloring my hair at home using eSalon permanent color for a lighter, medium-golden brown. I got tired of the light brown and colored my whole head with a Garnier permanent box color to a dark, ruby red. I wanted to go lighter red so I used Oops color remover on the dark red then colored my whole head with Schwarzkopf Vintage Red permanent hair color. The color is absolutely beautiful. I realize now, though, that using Walmart box color isnít the best for my hair.

So, hereís my totally unprofessional but YouTube inspired idea.

I want to use LíOrťal HiColor permanent color in magenta (pink based red) to color my roots, let it process 20 minutes, then run the rest of the color through the length of my hair (over the Schwarzkopf), process the remaining amount of recommended time, and hope it blends enough.

I want to use Ion Brilliance Color Brights semi-permanent (in a mix of red and magenta pigments) to refresh my lengths between root touch ups so I can maintain this color FOREVER!!!! 

So, thereís the plan. BUT, will it work??

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Re: Red Hair Dilemma
« Reply #1 on: 28 Oct 18 / 05:27 PM »
That is the method we suggest to people when they want to go red but refuse to use bleach, yeah.

You can even use the Walmart dye on your roots because those hicolour loft dyes are quite harsh. Then top up in the way you suggested. It would save you having to go over already dyed hair too.
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