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Author Topic: Platinum to strawberry blonde  (Read 925 times)  Share 

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Platinum to strawberry blonde
« on: 14 Feb 18 / 06:46 PM »
Hi guys

So, after 3 years of bleaching the hell out of my hair to the lightest I can get it (almost white) I want to take it warmer again.  I have a chin length bob, all but the top 2Ē of regrowth being platinum blonde, toned only with silver shampoo.

Iíve always been a bit scared of toner but decided to just bite the bullet a couple of days ago, having had enough of my mousey roots!  Happily, they lifted to a beautiful light ginger with a Koleston Perfect 10/16 and a 20vol developer - Iíd say itís between an 8/4 and a 9/4.  I love it, and it is precisely the colour Iíve wanted for ages but I never dreamed I would find it so easily! 

*edit* it was 30vol developer - I forgot to add the Olaplex🙄.  I guess this is why I ended up with such a light colour!   

My question, however, is this: what should I put on the rest of my hair - the bleached bit - to get it to match!?  I want to use koleston perfect again and I thought about an 8/43 with a 10vol - but I have no idea if this will deposit enough colour into my essentially white hair! 

Can anyone help? 

Thanks  :-*


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