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Author Topic: $220 and I look like Ronald McDonalds sister  (Read 1490 times)  Share 

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$220 and I look like Ronald McDonalds sister
« on: 13 Jun 17 / 10:14 PM »
 :o Six months ago I started going from super dark brown to black and been doing baylage. This weekend I was bored and wanted to lighten the blonde portion of my hair   And thought I could do a decent job myself in between appointments. Well I went to Sally's and got the blonde kit that had bleach and did only the blonde portions-- it would have turn out great except that I piled it on top of my head (where the dark portion is) to wait for it to process like a complete idiot. Obviously it bleached a bun like circle to blondish orange. I went to a professional, gave her the picture of Khloe kardashians hair and ended up looking like Ronald McDonald's sister. Please see baffling pictures below. I am a single mom and cannot possibly spend more money at a salon to fix this and cannot even fathom going back to the place I went to today even if it were for free. I AM BEGGING for some help. The bottom color is perfect but those front pieces or orange. Can I color those, tone those, do I do my whole head or just the particular pieces. Or should I scrap the whole thing and go back dark. Please someone be an angel and help me lol!

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Re: $220 and I look like Ronald McDonalds sister
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jun 17 / 04:17 PM »
I would try a blue toner, preferably one that does not need mixing with peroxide as your has has been processed to many times already. It doesnt look too orange to me so you might be able to get some orange out with toners.
I would also recommend that in about a month, you can do a bleach bath if you want to lighten those areas a little more.

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Re: $220 and I look like Ronald McDonalds sister
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jun 17 / 09:05 PM »
It may look different in person but it doesn't look awful in the photo to me, it looks pretty natural in fact! If you were using permanent black dyes on the upper part of your hair there is a chance that the orange tones you are seeing are from these (sometimes these can be removed with a colour remover, but sometimes they are staining and won't lighten further than orange and bleaching over staining can drive it further into your hair). The other possibility is that if your hair is naturally very dark (I wasn't clear from your post whether the dark brown was natural or dyed) then it could have only been lightened as far as orange in certain areas, however as Puerkz says this isn't something you should try to lighten further now as your hair has been through enough. For now just try toning, again like Puerkz says, with something that doesn't have peroxide. You can make toners at home by mixing a very small amount of a direct dye in the appropriate colour (blue to counteract orange, violet to counteract yellow) into white conditioner.
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