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Author Topic: "Jplex" and "omegaplex"  (Read 1756 times)  Share 

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"Jplex" and "omegaplex"
« on: 26 Mar 17 / 07:44 PM »
Don't know if anybody has posted about this before but I was wondering through boots yesterday and noticed schwarzkopf new colour expert with "omegaplex" and Jerome Russel "jplex" and wondered if anybody has tried them? I'm guessing it's supposed to be a sort of nod to olaplex and Google confirms this but I can't see much about people's opinions on use other than something that seems like it was sponsored.
I don't bleach and haven't for a long time but my mom does so I'm curious as to whether she should try it or just stick to what she uses now.

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Re: "Jplex" and "omegaplex"
« Reply #1 on: 30 Mar 17 / 07:23 PM »
I havent tried them myself but from googling it does look like a type of olaplex treatment. I am assuming they wont be as strong as the salon versions but they may help maintain the integrity of the hair for someone who frequently dyes. I have recently tried the salon version of schwarzkof called fibreplex and i have to say i wasnt very impressed with the results. Not sure if they just didnt do it correctly but my hair didnt feel that great after and now the color isnt coming out evenly even after 2 re-dyes.
If I used box dyes then I might consider that just to add a little bit extra protection to the hair. I imagine the j-plex might work better as it is a leave in treatments from what the boots website says.


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