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Author Topic: **Need Help**  (Read 1500 times)  Share 

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**Need Help**
« on: 17 Jul 16 / 07:24 AM »
Here is the run down of what I have done so far.
Here are the steps I took.
1st- hair was black, with some spots of previous red, but fading and had NO color build up.
2nd- I used One N' Only Color Fix color remover and it resulted in a light red color.
3rd- I bleached my hair Prism lights Blue bleaching powder, I used Ion sensitive scalp 40vol. Developer. This processed for 30 minutes.
4th- After I finished the bleaching process, I used Wella Color Charm T18 Ash Blonde Toner with Ion sensitive scalp 20vol. Developer, this processed for about 20 minutes. My hair had gotten lighter orange with less brassiness.
5th- After so, I let it air dry and then I used anothe packet of the same bleach with Ion sensitive scalp 20vol. Developer. I proscessed this for 25 minutes. It turned more blonde at the roots and showed less signs of brassiness.
6th- The last step I took was toning it again, I repeated the same process as I did in step 4. It still shows signs of black spots and is not as brassy in the roots nor the crown, only mid shaft to tips. Below is a photo of what my hair currently looks like. Please feel free to message me or comment with any advice.

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Re: **Need Help**
« Reply #1 on: 17 Jul 16 / 09:28 AM »
What was the time period on all this?

When you say no colour build up, what do you mean? It just seems you say there was black and red done at some point. That, to my mind, would be colour build up (hair dyed more than once).
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Re: **Need Help**
« Reply #2 on: 18 Jul 16 / 05:17 PM »
it would also be helpful to know what exactly you are going for, a light blonde? because that will help determine what step to do next. Hopefully all these process were spread out, you need to be very careful with bleach and peroxide, if you over process or double/triple process your going to end up with fried hair. It might feel healthy, but could be severely damaged!
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