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Author Topic: how to take my dark brown/black hair to light brown  (Read 2501 times)  Share 

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i want to do a bleach bath with bleach and 30 or 20 vol developer. i know my hair will turn a weird orange but then i want to cover it with a dark blonde. will this work to lighten my hair? how else would i take my hair to a light brown?


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Re: how to take my dark brown/black hair to light brown
« Reply #1 on: 28 Aug 14 / 12:00 PM »
First, this post is in the show off section, needs to be moved.

Don't cover it with a dark blonde box dye, those contain peroxide, and you shouldn't use another peroxide process right after a BB. What you can do if you want it to be less orange would be to use a purple toner that is a true semi (so no peroxide). Many people make toners themselves with a tiny bit of a purple semi and lots of conditioner. Then you can see if you want to do another process after you left your hair to relax for a while (at least 1 week for a BB, more is better).


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