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Author Topic: Nightmare hair cut........  (Read 2831 times)  Share 

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Nightmare hair cut........
« on: 13 Mar 14 / 02:53 PM »
So I have a stylist I really like, and I only go about once a year to save money and I cut split ends at home with my sheers. I had heard all of these rave reviews from friends about a salon/school in NYC, owned by a super well known guy who charges $500 for a cut. All my friends said the girls there were amazing, the prices cheap and sometimes you can even get a 'class' with an instructor. I was under the impression that the girls were either already licensed and going for more or at least very talented to be studying at this school.

 Well, I was wrong. Because by the luck of the draw I was put with the most inexperienced girl.  I have long hair, the longest tip was just to the top of my butt (it doesn't usually grow longer but I love it long). I have a long layer V cut, which I always get,  since I also belly dance and like that feel. I hate blunt cuts. I had a lot of damage though from bleaching so I told her to take like 4 inches off, which would have been fine had I gotten what I wanted.  This girl was so not confident, she combed my hair for three hours (literally!!!!!) and barely cut anything but a one layer square in the back. The COMPLETE opposite of what I asked for. I understand she's a student, but if she was so lost she should have said so and asked to watch the instructor. The instructor was trying to show her how to do it, but I was watching her and she wasn't using the techniques the instructor showed her. They knew I wanted a V, and said "Oh, we'll cut it after it's dry".  That's new for me, because usually you cut it into the layers, not just against the back.  There's no method to that and it's very risky. So the instructor came over and the back and front were SO different, like a noticeable squared angle was sticking out. So she cut that off to give a more rounded U shape, (also don't like) but aside from that not being the style I wanted, she didn't even cut it WELL. The back is all choppy and uneven. I could have done better, it's awful. I don't even want to go out like this. It's just so not me, and so badly done. I only try to think that at least it's not like she took off ten inches or something. But I was so nice and patient with her, explaining what I want. I hate to be mean or to lie, but when I was waiting for a mirror, another student asked if I loved it, I almost died. I looked at her like, mouth open not believing she even asked and also thinking of what I could say that wouldn't start a commotion in the place. I just wanted to run away. There was really nothing to be done so why start crying in front of everyone and embarrass myself. (And yes I paid for it)

I'm so miserable because I find it to be so offensive when someone trust you and you don't take their wishes into consideration. That she couldn't ask for more help or to step aside for this one. She wanted to get out of it ok but not for me to be happy. At this stage when they are charging people for cuts they should at least have some basic skill. She couldn't even figure out the layer guide. Others have managed to do amazing things with my hair. I want to say its my fault but you know, I don't. She didn't listen or do what I asked. It was horrible and she knew it. She had no passion or desire to be a good stylist. I was nice to her but she didn't have the drive or humility to admit she needed more help. Well her ego messed up my hair big time and now I either have to pay to get it cut shorter (DON'T WANT) or just hide until it grows longer, for like another freaking year. Also don't want. I really really hate everyone right now. I hate that I trust people and I hate that they abuse that trust.    :'(  :'(  :'(

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Re: Nightmare hair cut........
« Reply #1 on: 13 Mar 14 / 03:22 PM »
This is exactly why I cut my own hair, I always get that haircut! Even when i explain exactly how to do it, they just don't listen. So I gave up and bought some good scissors.
When you have calmed down you must go back and speak to the salon manager. Ask them to rectify your cut. You paid for a service, it is your right to have it performed to your satisfaction. If they are a good salon they will want you to be happy and they will also want to know if their employees/trainees are doing bad work.
If they get funny with you insist on a refund and go see your regular stylist.
Cling to the fact that they didn't give you a pixie cut, so it will be salvageable :)

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Re: Nightmare hair cut........
« Reply #2 on: 13 Mar 14 / 03:46 PM »
I'm really sorry you had a bad cut, I know how horrible it is when someone just ruins your hair. I agree that you should at least tell the salon how bad the cut was, they need to know how they're going wrong. I hope you can get it sorted.
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