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Clarifying shampoo

Started by AnotherKat, 25 Nov 10 / 12:31 PM

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this could be in the wrong forum but since i intend to use this shampoo to lighten/fade my hair i stuck it in here!

i wanted to pick up some clarifying shampoo yesterday in order to fade and to use when a bleach bath may be needed but when i got into boots i was unsure what shamoo to get!!

they're all moisture infusers, volume boosters etc.!!
i looked for any that say they get rid of build up or rinse clean/ or any with 'clarity/clarify' in the name but no luck! does head and shoulders have the same effect?

pantene had a 'spa' type range so i didnt know if it'd work as well.
if anyone could pop up a link that'd be great as id remember how it looks when i go back to boots!!

would that new one with cat deely doing the 'swish' do it? afaik thats one to get rid of build up? 


I usually use Tresemme's Clarifying Shampoo, it's got green writing on it. It's called Deep Cleansing sorry. I use it for fading colour.

And I searched to Boots website and found this since you mentioned pantene: http://www.boots.com/en/Pantene-Pro-V-Clarifying-Shampoo-500ml_953360/

When you're looking look for deep cleansing, clarifying or shampoo for greasy/oily hair as these are usually the ones that can help the most fade colour. I've never done a bleach bath so I can't help you there sorry.


I got the Pantene one, it's pretty good, got my lilac colour down to silvery blonde in 2 washes.
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I just use an anti-danduff shampoo, head and shoulders or something at the moment I use the Morrisons own one and it works a treat washed out with hot water.  The cheaper the better really.  I have heard washing up liquid even works!


yeh, my thinking was the cheaper the better too, but didnt want to buy one that wasnt going to work the way i wanted it to. thanks for all your help!


i use washing up liquid (fairy is best) head and shoulders, really cheap shampoo. i find these work best at stripping collour on my hair.


I always buy neutrogena clean no build up shampoo the bottle is pink its from home & bargains for 99p and it really does work.


Quote from: mojo on 27 Nov 10 / 12:26 PM
I always buy neutrogena clean no build up shampoo the bottle is pink its from home & bargains for 99p and it really does work.

I used to use this! I thought they stopped making it.


i used it the very first time i dyed my hair when i was 16, i used stargazer, andnot knowing anything about dye etc, washed my hair with this and it ALL came straight out =( was gutted!we live and learn


head and shouldiers usually does the trick, or JOICO chelating shampoo