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Author Topic: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial  (Read 13491 times)  Share 

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Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« on: 06 Feb 13 / 04:01 PM »
We get asked about ombre hair A LOT.  So I figured I'd put the basics in a place where they can easily be found.

Basic number one:  Backcomb like a mad scientist.  Or like you're in the eighties.  Make it as fluffy as you can.  If you don't, you will end up with a hard edged line where the colour changes.  It doesn't matter if you're dip-dying the ends a bright colour, darkening your roots or bleaching the ends; you'll want to apply the colour to backcombed hair if you want a soft, natural gradient.

Basic number two:  Use your hands.  Again, this allows for a much more natural distribution of the dye.

Concentrate the dye on the ends of the hair and spread it out along the midlengths so it's less intense to help achieve a more natural gradient.

Here's a video that shows the technique--she starts backcombing/applying the dye around four minutes in.  Prior to that she talks about the colours, peroxide volumes and tools she's using, as well as sectioning the hair, so if you are new to colouring your own hair that may be useful.

Ombre Technique: Clairol Professional Online Education



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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: 07 Feb 13 / 01:06 PM »
Really useful! I want my long hair back and when I grow it I would love to try this with some coloured dyes :)


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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: 06 Aug 13 / 09:19 AM »
I recently dipdyed my hair and I put it into 2plaits and just dyed the tips to avoid a straight line of colour. It's not a good technique for ombre but as a quick and easy dipdye it's worked out nice for me :)


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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #3 on: 09 Aug 13 / 11:35 PM »
The backcombing technique seems nice and easy if you're just doing the tips, but I'm gonna re-dye my whole head attempting a blue ombre.

So I will put darker blue on top and try to create a lighter blue or turquoise ombre, do you have any advice as to how to avoid a straight harsh line where the colors change in this case?

Sorry if that's a bit of a silly question, I've looked up tutorials online but most videos are about doing only the tips and leaving the rest as is so I'm not too sure how to proceed.

Thank you! :)


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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #4 on: 10 Aug 13 / 12:08 AM »
I'd apply the top colour first, avoiding the ends, then chage gloves and apply the bottom colour, them just smoosh them together in the middle, overlap them a bit and pull the colours into one another.

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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #5 on: 10 Aug 13 / 07:15 AM »
I have done this a few times now. I don't back comb at all.

 I start with the top colour. I apply it to sections slightly randomly, at and then just pull it through the hair, stopping around where I want the colour to blend. I just make sure its a little different on each chunk. I generally just do it around the top part of my head as my hair isn't too long and I like the hair to transition at roughly the same place, so that means some is going to be below that first transition line so it'll just get the bottom colours.

So then I start with the second colour, grabbing sections and pulling through. I start just below the last colour, but when the gloves have a bit less colour on them, I move up to the blend line and start smudging and pulling the colours together. Do that all over, then the next colour.

Then I just have a general look over it all and touch up any areas :)
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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #6 on: 10 Aug 13 / 02:07 PM »
Thank you both, that is all really helpful! :) My hair is pretty long so there's room for a little margin of error, it'll be easy to touch up if I mess it up! And if worse comes to worse I'll just slap darker blue all over it, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

Really looking forward to it, hopefully my dye gets here soon, I'm just about ready to kidnap the mailman. ;)

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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #7 on: 17 Feb 14 / 07:42 PM »
Hey guys!!

I need ombre help! A friend wants purple ombre on her dark blonde hair. I think we'll need to lightly bleach the ends to get the colour to stick (she wants it vibrant at the ends, fading to lighter higher up) I just don't know how to go about bleaching and then applying the dye for the ombre look. I don't want to do the backcomb method with the bleach and then the dye and risk not covering the bleached parts and leaving her with patchy colour.

Any advice my lovely hair gurus???
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Re: Ombre/Dip Dye Tutorial
« Reply #8 on: 18 Feb 14 / 01:47 PM »
If you backcomb for the bleach, you don't need to backcomb for the colour, because the area you're going to colour is already lightened.  Wash the bleach out really well, dry the hair and apply the colour.

The alternative is to bleach/dye in the method Janineb suggested :)


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