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Author Topic: Good news for Aussie fans: Bis Aminopropyl dimethicone  (Read 11248 times)  Share 

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Hello ladies,

I've spent ages today in Superdrugs reading hair product labels out of curiosity. I couldn't buy anything because one of my new years resolution is to not buy hair product for 3 months (that excludes stuff like colour removers and dyes otherwise I'd die ahah) so I go through my stash of unwanted.
I had a look at the 3 minute miracle Aussie treatments, which I used to love ages ago, then hated (I have 2 bottles of them left, one full, one 90%  full, that's how much I hate them).
They now have bis-aminopropyl dimethicone. I had a roam around and noticed that lots of other brands are starting to swap for amine-functionalised 'cones. That is super good news for a lot of us.
Here is a little article if you want more details:

I personally have had a good experience with an amodimethicone-containing conditioner (Elvive with arginine and protein, can't remember the name but it's a black bottle and it's for damaged hair).
The reason why amine-functionalised silicones don't build up in the same way as good ol' dimethicone does is because they don't stick to themselves.

They are not completely water-soluble, attention!
I did say amodimethicone is water-soluble the other day in the shoutbox, sorry about that.
But someone with a routine similar to mine: either CO-wash or sls-free shampoo (with cocamidopropyl betaine - the surfactant used by most sls-free 'poos), it shouldn't be a problem.

The way this silicone works from what I gather is that it sticks more to damaged areas than virgin ones, and it can't stick to itself therefore the buildup it causes is really minimal.

I can't promise the new formula Aussie products won't give you build-up, I haven't tried them yet and since my hair is 99% virgin now I'm not sure it would be that interesting, but I think a lot of people are looking for a sort of intermediate solution between fully coned to the max and no cones at all, so I hope this proves helpful.

Also, all the 3 minute miracle treatments now have aloe vera which is great for adding moisture.


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