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Author Topic: How I make my own toner using violet hair dye. (Video)  (Read 4024 times)  Share 

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I find that the toner I make myself works better than anything I have bought.  It did take some tweaking to get the exact shade I want and I still play around with it some but I thought I'd show a video I made of some of the process. My favorite color to use is violet but it also depends on the base color you have.

Hair on a Budget - Making White Toner Using Manic Panic's "Ultra Violet"

You can also do the same thing to make "silver shampoo" but there needs to be a bit more dye.  I did this for a while but then stopped because I found it more useful to add the dye to my conditioner instead.

This method will also save a lot of money as one jar of dye can go a long way.  As for conditioner, I usually use the cheapest I can find.


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Re: How I make my own toner. (Video)
« Reply #1 on: 31 Dec 12 / 02:03 AM »
I never new this!!! Wow nice!!!!! Thank you!!!


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