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Author Topic: FAQ: How do Toners Work?  (Read 5741 times)  Share 

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FAQ: How do Toners Work?
« on: 30 Nov 09 / 10:14 PM »
This is a rough guide to toners and a quick search of the forum or the internet should give more information if needed.

Some semi-permanent hair dye brands have a lilac toner in their range and this is generally used to cover yellow tones in bleached hair (these lilac toners are often referred to as white toners).  If your hair still has yellow tones after bleaching and you would prefer a lighter or white result you can apply a lilac/white toner to the hair to hopefully lighten the hair to the desired colour.  As with all of these type of dyes a strand test is advised to check the results and processing time needed.  Please note that white toners are actually pale lilac dyes so if left on the hair too long you may end up with a purple tint to the hair so please check the results regularly and rinse off as soon as you reach your desired colour even if this is less than the time stated on the product.  And as with all of these type of semi-perm dyes do not apply conditioner to the hair before using them as this can act as a barrier and stop the dye from fully sticking to the hair. Toners can come in different shades such as green toners for removing red shades in the hair, but the most commonly referred to one is the lilac/white toner for covering/removing bleached yellow shades.  Toners can also be used to 'dilute' semi-permanent hair dyes such as Manic Panic and Special Effects, this mixing of colours can create new customised pastel shades of hair dye.  

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Re: How do Toners Work?
« Reply #1 on: 06 May 10 / 11:54 AM »
Toners are designed to neutralize unwanted pigment exposed in the lifting process,  As we lighten hair we expose the natural pigmentation of the hair. {think of a colour wheel}
All hair colour is a balancing act between red yellow and blue then secondary colours  orange .green, violet. unwanted red or red orange requires Ash{green base} yellow or yellow orange violet {red blue} in the lifting process blue is the first colour lifted out.
Toners by design are deposit only no lift. they just deposit pigment to neutralize unwanted undertone.


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