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Author Topic: New cut and colour - Massive dilemma!  (Read 3508 times)  Share 

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New cut and colour - Massive dilemma!
« on: 18 Nov 12 / 09:53 PM »
So one day i got on the train and a girl came up to me and asked me to be a hair model for a competition on wednesday, i got the free cut and colour today and this is what i got

And i love the cut
The colour not so much :(
Its so dark and she said it's purple but its more like that boring brown with a hit of purple colour, i miss my turquoise bright coloured hair! So much work gone into my hair and now it's almost black again waaaaah
Just wondering for all you brainy colour experts, i'm gunna try and remove the colour soon after the competition on wednesday and do another colour, however i don't know what colour so please suggest a new colour and should i colour b4 it?
Cheers guys! :)


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Re: New cut and colour - Massive dilemma!
« Reply #1 on: 18 Nov 12 / 10:00 PM »
Colour B4 and go directions plum!

That cut is gorgeous though :D


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