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Author Topic: Hair Nightmares  (Read 4307 times)  Share 

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Re: Hair Nightmares
« Reply #25 on: 14 Nov 12 / 11:22 AM »
I had a nightmare a couple of days ago too.. I was just walking around the city when I caught a glimpse of my hair (which is almost shoulder lenght now since I'm growing it out) and it was super short! Like, pixie short! And it looked as if it was chewed of, really hacked up you know? And when I woke up completely terrified, I had a lot of my hair in my mouth? Haha!
Lol! Like the dream when you think your eating a big marshmallow, and you wake up With your pillow in your mouth! Haha :)

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Re: Hair Nightmares
« Reply #26 on: 14 Nov 12 / 11:27 AM »
Haha that's exactly how it felt! :D

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Re: Hair Nightmares
« Reply #27 on: 15 Nov 12 / 02:25 PM »
I had a nightmare the other night that I'd been bleaching my hair, and also used the hair bleach to bleach my eyebrows. But then I fell asleep without washing the bleach off my eyebrows and woke up with no eyebrows!!!
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Re: Hair Nightmares
« Reply #28 on: 15 Nov 12 / 07:47 PM »
I had one last night that I had triple split ends and needed to get a good five inches chopped.

I kept looking at the ends of my hair today to check for splits!


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