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Author Topic: got a hair cuttt ^_^  (Read 2999 times)  Share 

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got a hair cuttt ^_^
« on: 21 Aug 12 / 11:12 AM »
it's not drastic but, i've had just over 2 inches off :) had 2 inches off 3 weeks ago as well! my hair grows too fast :)
my hair looks more even!
oh and my hairdresser found a green patch in my hair D: he said he must be a patch that had a slight orange tinge to it (idk how but i can't see the back) and my silver shampoo must be blue based and turned it green! so going to use violet directions diluted until my 4 weeks is up to use peroxide and tone it permanently! but going to use 12/6 which is violet as 12/1 is ash which is blue tone. just as a warning for anyone!

p.s. i use touch of silver!


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Re: got a hair cuttt ^_^
« Reply #1 on: 21 Aug 12 / 11:52 AM »
Looks good :)


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Re: got a hair cuttt ^_^
« Reply #2 on: 21 Aug 12 / 06:18 PM »
love the cut, your so lucky to have quick growing hair, mine is slower than a snail lol


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Re: got a hair cuttt ^_^
« Reply #3 on: 21 Aug 12 / 08:12 PM »
thanks guys :)
i can't believe how much it has grown esp because of the bbs! i think its just having a growth spurt xD.
think i'm going to have a full fringe added on in a few weeks time and depending on the job i switch to or if i stay where i am depends if i could do a cruella inspired pastel colours! xx


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