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Author Topic: Argeal to help fading hair color  (Read 2517 times)  Share 

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Argeal to help fading hair color
« on: 26 Jul 12 / 02:59 PM »
Hi everybody !
(always sorry for my BAAAAAAD english ! hihi  *whistle* )

I just found a new tips to fade your hair color nicely : Argeal !
I'm sorry if this idea had already been give in this forum, but I used it myself and it's very helpful !

I use Green Argil to fade my turquoise blue in yellow, it works well, I actually have yellow hair with some green under my fringe, but not too much, after 2 argeal's masks and many Head'and'Shoulders shampoo.

Pay attention because green argeal make some little damage in your hair, they can become dry, so don't forget to do conditionning after this "treatment".

White argeal is better if you already have damaged hair.

Just put argeal all in your hair, let dry for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with a lot of hot water, then make the shampoo and the conditionning you want.

Color will fade out your hair nicely ! (It works, for me ! :D )
Sorry for any mistakes and incomprehension, english isn't my mothertongue :3 !

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