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Author Topic: Maintaining synthetic extensions  (Read 2414 times)  Share 

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Maintaining synthetic extensions
« on: 29 Jul 12 / 05:34 PM »
I've been a real hair girl all the way, but tried some synthetic curly black air extensions and I loved them, because they were so thick and quick and easy (and way too cheap)

Time came to wash them and they are still frizzy now I try and get them back in shape. I bought a curling wand with adjustable temp knowing that these things can melt. Buut even at 180C its just now they arent actually doing anything.

Are these things salvagable or should i go back to the drawing board?


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Re: Maintaining synthetic extensions
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jul 12 / 06:57 PM »
my friend had some synthetic ones and she wrapped them around pens/pencils or gripped them into coils when wet, so they dried into shape. hope that helps!


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