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Author Topic: Lightening hair 'naturally' with peroxide, baking soda & honey?  (Read 3204 times)  Share 

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Has anyone else heard of this or tried it? I dunno if it really counts as 'natural' considering that peroxide is involved... but it sounds almost like a natural form of a light bleach bath.


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I've heard of lightening hair with honey and it supposedly has no damage but lots of people do claim that it damages. It's something to do with them temperature of the honey and how it sticks to your hair cuticule. I don't think there is an entirely healthy way to lighten hair.


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I've used straight medical grade hydrogen peroxide before to lighten my hair, tbh I think it's gentler than bleaching and you get more or less the same result as the video, no need to add anything extra. It doesn't smell very nice, but the result is always super brassy. When I was small my mom used to apply a mix of honey, lime, and chamomile to my hair and it did give it some golden tones but nothing drastic really.


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