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Author Topic: Almost Ice Blue  (Read 3284 times)  Share 

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Any Old Actress

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Almost Ice Blue
« on: 10 Jun 12 / 11:55 PM »
My ends are still stained, so they're going grayer, and the blue I used for my last dye job is stubborn and a little green. But ice blue was my birthday dream, and this was the best I could do!

1. This face is a little lesson on the dangers of too much sake and tequila.

2. Mostly just posting this to solicit birthday wishes from strangers with good hair! And possibly get advice on how to do icy better...

Edit! It might look bluer in the picture than in real life. I asked the manfriend what color it was when we were out walking, and he said it was sort of green, yellow, and silver. I did not have a mirror on me to confirm. Then, the girl at the candy shop was really jealous of my mint hair. Feel free to move to green if necessary...

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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #1 on: 11 Jun 12 / 08:07 AM »
I think it looks gorgeous :D  And happy birthday!


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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #2 on: 11 Jun 12 / 06:23 PM »
i would defos say ice blue! looks great tho =) happy bday x

Mindi Kellaway

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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #3 on: 11 Jun 12 / 06:42 PM »
Happy birthday!  And that's a gorgeous shade!


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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #4 on: 11 Jun 12 / 08:00 PM »
Very icy :) and happy birthday ^.^


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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #5 on: 12 Jun 12 / 12:20 AM »
Happy birthday!

Also, you may not want to hear this but i love how it looks against your roots in the second picture

Any Old Actress

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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #6 on: 12 Jun 12 / 05:04 AM »
Thanks for the wishes and the hair compliments! I'm not hating the roots, but at this point, I'm wishing they were either longer or shorter. Going another whole month without touching them up.

I slapped a diluted pink dip dye on the bottom half to cover the parts that were greenish-yellowish-silver, and I'm happier this way. Shows off the best of the blue.

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Re: Almost Ice Blue
« Reply #7 on: 12 Jun 12 / 10:31 AM »
Happy belated birthday! Very icy, love it!
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