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Author Topic: Organic.. I believe..: Gud conditioner by Burt's Bees  (Read 2785 times)  Share 

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Hello everyone :) I saw on these posts somewhere mentioning this brand so I thought I would look in stores, for I love Vanilla scented things! And it is all cone free and natural things, mainly I think.

Well I tried conditioner out last night, Gud Vanilla Flame and it was a little odd texture, it is thick and when I was putting it all over my hair, roots too since I had just dyed them with peroxide for my grow out (needs conditioning there too!) , it was a little squeaky feeling? But I did ignore it.

I washed it out and waited for hair to dry and it is the softest it's been, I use many products and I am not sure how it made it so soft but I am not complaining, I used quite a stripping shampoo as well and it is always dry if I were to follow up with tresseme naturals conditioner of any other cone free kind :)

Also normally I do not like Burt's Bees for it is not conditioning, but this is a new brand from makers of Burt's and they have successfully made a great product. My hair feels soft root to ends even though I used Pantene Aqua Light, and that is stripping shampoo in my experiences.. There is no sticky feeling, no gunk, absolutely nothing and it is just left soft and tangle free :)

Just some information to those who like this kind of stuff :) :) It is fairly priced as well. Or who have wanted to like Burt's Bees in the past but didn't find it good enough.. this is new and improved for sure


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