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Author Topic: SFX Hot Lava over Matrix SoColor SORED  (Read 7366 times)  Share 

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SFX Hot Lava over Matrix SoColor SORED
« on: 04 Jun 12 / 12:25 AM »
I thought I'd share my journey to red.  :)

The first pic is before.  I had really pretty brunette hair.  It was a subtle ombre.  It was also very boring (to me).  I didn't want to bleach, and rather than pull the color out (since I was dyed dark, then highlighted for my ombre), I opted to use a high lift product by Matrix called SoColor SORED.  It's a product similar to Majicontrast as it's a permanent color and highlighting creme in one.  I used 30 vol developer knowing the permanent color wouldn't lift my dyed bits but that it would my highlighted bits.  It's actually really pretty as I now have a lowlight effect so I've got some depth and dimension to my red.

The second pic is after the Matrix SoColor SORED.  I waited about 6 days after the permanent color and then applied SFX Hot Lava over it as I really wanted a more intense red.  That's what you see in the final pic.  The third pic was taken outside last weekend; that was one wash after a fresh application of SFX Hot Lava.  I toned the photo down a bit... it looks overexposed because it was taken fairly closeup and the flash went off.  I didn't bump the sats at all on that photo.  :)  It's faded some now.  It's much less red and more orange.  When I retouch my color, I'm now using Majicontrast for my roots and then I think I'm going to try mixing SFX Candy Apple (25%) with the Hot Lava (75%) to tone down the orange fade a bit.

Thanks for looking!


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Re: SFX Hot Lava over Matrix SoColor SORED
« Reply #1 on: 04 Jun 12 / 06:25 AM »
Gorgeous red :D


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Re: SFX Hot Lava over Matrix SoColor SORED
« Reply #2 on: 04 Jun 12 / 01:30 PM »
Thank you!  I've got a pic of my orange fade... but I'm doing shots off a boating oar with my sisters and my step-dad.  Not sure if it's appropriate for the forum.  ;)


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Re: SFX Hot Lava over Matrix SoColor SORED
« Reply #3 on: 04 Jun 12 / 08:24 PM »
When you do your roots with SoRed... what is the length of them & does it bring your hair up to that pretty color or Hot lava makes it that color? Lovely shade!


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Re: SFX Hot Lava over Matrix SoColor SORED
« Reply #4 on: 04 Jun 12 / 09:30 PM »
When I do my roots, I've got about 1/2 inch of regrowth.  I've since switched to Majicontast because I want to stay away from the pink-based reds.  The SoColor SoRED gives it more of a pink-tone red.  The second pic is only the SoRED before the Hot Lava.  The Hot Lava is what made the color really pop.  I left the Hot Lava on for about 4 hours.  The color fades pretty quickly from that bright reddish orange to more of an bright orange in about 3 washes (which is 10 days for me).  I've posted an fade photo in the orange category.  :)


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