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Author Topic: flamingo pink to neon blue/midnight blue & no bleach!  (Read 3245 times)  Share 

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well blow me over it can be done! after having made my hair a bit sorry for itself from bleaching my very dark brown out so i could dye it pink, i was keen to stay well clear of the bleach.

this morning i decided i couldn't live with the fade from my flamingo pink as it was like a dusky peach colour but i still had bright pink around the root area but about 1cm of brown roots coming through.

i read all the FAQ's and had some useful replies to my post this morning so decided to go to town on the fading!

i ran a bath and added bath salts

i got in and soaked my hair under the water for a min

i applied a generous dollop of tresemme deep cleansing and rubbed vigorously.....foam was bright purple

rinsed, applied t-gel therapeutic coaltar shampoo, lathered up and rinsed

applied vosene, pinkish foam from this and rinsed

thought whilst i was at it i would chuck some washing up liquid on for good measure....i could physically see this pulling the colour out, bright purple foam again, rinsed well but no conditioner!

i got out of my purple bath lol and sponged my hair dry with a towel but did not rub as thought it would be dry and fragile

i gently blow dryed until just slightly damp

it was now a very soft apricot and candyfloss colour

i then mixed directions midnight blue and neon blue (although this was quite purple) and smothered my hair in it making sure i rubbed it in well.

bag on the hair and could only leave it an hour as i had dancing otherwise it would still be on now

rinsed and conditioned with pantene colour conditioner and this is the result....super deep blue and not even a hint of purple!!! love it



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Re: flamingo pink to neon blue/midnight blue & no bleach!
« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb 12 / 09:37 AM »
Wow that's awesome! I'm not sure but maybe that blue has a purple base to it? Might be why it took so well over the pink.

Well done, it looks great on you!


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Re: flamingo pink to neon blue/midnight blue & no bleach!
« Reply #2 on: 23 Feb 12 / 10:33 AM »
love that colour on you, it looks much more 'alive' than the pink did in the pics!

SUits your skin tone too, fab.


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Re: flamingo pink to neon blue/midnight blue & no bleach!
« Reply #3 on: 24 Feb 12 / 11:17 AM »
Looks amazing!


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