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Author Topic: Pantene Split End Repair  (Read 2303 times)  Share 

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Pantene Split End Repair
« on: 16 Feb 12 / 07:49 PM »
I'm always a little wary of things that promise to magically 'repair' your hair, especially the more expensive things, such as Pantene, however, Superdrug currently have money off the Pantene range, so I decided to give it a go.

I have been dying my hair for 14 years now, and no amount of telling off from hairdressers will convince me to stop (usually I just stop going to the hairdressers!), so my hair could maybe be in a little better shape, and after having it cut a couple of months ago, I decided to go ahead and get some 'posh' stuff for my hair.

One of those things was the above mentioned split end repair.  It promises 'an 80% reduction in split ends after just 3 washes'.  Humm....

I was surprised.  I don't sit and study my hair with a magnifying glass (though some of the Superdrug Pantene displays do feature a magnifying glass for you to witness the horror of split ends), but there is a noticeable difference in the frizziness (or lack of) and dryness of the ends of my hair.

After being so impressed, I added the split remedy leave in treatment to my rapidly increasing arsenal of hair care products and again, am super impressed with what effect it has had on my hair - super soft and not so frizzy!



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Re: Pantene Split End Repair
« Reply #1 on: 16 Mar 12 / 09:34 PM »
I was thinking about getting this product range because of the 100% satisfaction from their survey, but I am always a bit sceptic when they promise amazing results like this. I will test the shampoo first and write about results :).


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